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What is green infrastructure?

'Green infrastructure is the networks of green spaces, rivers and woodlands that intersperse and connect our villages, towns and cities.

It works at all scales, from country parks and community woodlands, to urban interventions such as green roofs, street trees and sustainable drainage systems.

As with any other type of infrastructure, to be most effective green infrastructure needs to be part of a shared vision that is planned, designed and managed. When it is, it creates multifunctional landscapes capable of delivering social, economic and environmental benefits simultaneously.

By taking a green infrastructure approach, an urban park can provide water management and flood attenutaion, as well as being a beautiful community space for recreation and play, an attractive setting for a vibrant local economy and a species-rich habitat.’

from: - also features a video

find out more at: - where you can download the new position statement, check out events, case studies and research. 

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